We review the new single from Adam Scott Glasspool – A Magnifier

Back with his first release in four years due to a difficult period of writer’s block and processing trauma, it feels like Adam Scott Glasspool never left. Reflecting the time away and exploring feelings like guilty and anxiety, the track may come across as personal, but that’s what makes listeners connect with it more. Produced in collaboration with Greg Haver, “A Magnifieris a compelling number with sentimental elements throughout.

Definitely Adam’s bravest track to date, the experimental single has distinctive glitches throughout to convey its immersive message. Combining lo-fi, ambient and alternative rock elements together to create this powerful soundscape, Trent Reznor and Brian Eno would die for something like this within their discography. A brave step forward that showcases sometimes taking a step back and recharging your batteries is the best thing you could ever do, Adam’s atmospheric new single brings something new to your world with each listen.

Just over five minutes long, the single might not be radio worthy exactly with its length single, but you could easily still hear this being played on a late show on BBC 6 Music. Showcasing how the ‘magnifier’ expands every struggle further and realising that there is still a lot of past trauma that haunts us, we get to see Adam through a different lens, and it’s truly extraordinary.

Hearing an artist be so honest with his fans is what makes him a force to be reckoned with.