We review the new single from Addezine – Stairs

Exploring the feelings around an intense crush, ‘Stairs‘ is the exceptional debut single from new artist Addezine. Creating nostalgic music that walks upon familiar ground whilst clearly being innovative, Addezine’s authentic new single may have only been out in the world for a number of days, but it’s certainly making waves throughout the world.

A force to be reckoned with simply because he’s a one-man band, the artist and producer creates music without boundaries – and that’s what makes us love him even more.

‘Starirs’ has a subtle funk groove that comes chiming through by the rhythm section, the vocals and guitar are prominently based around an indie-pop soundscape that issues a more mainstream sound to the track’s attire.

Clearly stating there’s something for everyone within the bones of the track, ‘Stairs‘ is lo-fi, raw and pinpointed as a real gem in Addezine’s discography. A debut has to be a statement that the artist means business, and this certainly feels like a bold move from an artist with loads of potential.

Always going to be a standout moment in his career, ‘Stairs‘ feels like an instant classic that will sit comfortably on your ‘happy’ playlist from here on out.