Adelaide Taylor - A Little Bit of Space single cover
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We review the new single from Adelaide Taylor – A Little Bit of Space

‘A Little Bit of Space’ is the brand new single from Manchester based singer songwriter Adelaide Taylor. Emotive and passionate, this song is beautifully delivered and intensely relatable. Classically trained, Adelaide beautiful voice offers purity and serenity as she delivers openly honest lyrics about her relationship with her mother.

Written during the lockdown, Taylor craves a little bit of space in order to preserve and progress her relationship with her mother, someone with whom she is incredibly close and has a lot of love for. Most people who spent any of the lockdowns with family will be able to resonate with this theatrical single.

With dramatic sweeping melodies and cinematic instrumentation, this single nods its head towards the classic sounds of Queen. ‘A Little Bit of Space’ features the bass work of Neil Fairclough (of Queen and Adam Lambert), drums from Bryan Hargreaves, and was produced by Andy Ross.

The simple yet mesmerising instrumental instrumental highlights Adelaide’s tender delivery of her poetically descriptive lyrics. Speaking of the song’s inspiration, Taylor says “ ‘A Little Bit Of Space’ was written about my beautiful, astonishingly intelligent mother.

Both of us loved so intensely that it became…overwhelming. Lockdown came with a test for our little family.” Taylor conquers the fear of being too honest with this moving single, laying her heart bare in the lyrics whilst her melodies convey the depth of her emotion. This is a beautiful and tender song, that almost feels too intimate and personal, a real window into Taylor’s mind and emotional state. There is much comfort to be found in her words.

Taylor spent lockdown glued to her piano, devoting her new found free time to her songwriting, and the time spent is paying off! ‘A Little Bit of Space’ follows on from the success of her previous single, ‘Bad Place’, which again features extraordinarily honest lyrics paired with a powerful vocal delivery. Only 22 years old, Taylor already displays an emotional intelligence far beyond her years, and it is magical to see this play out in her songwriting.

Wanting her music to inspire those who hear it, she shares her deepest emotions and personal lessons with anyone willing to listen, packaging up life lessons with beautifully moving music and deliberately composed lyrics.

Everything sounds intentional in her lyrics, melodic structure, arrangement and performance, allowing a wonderful clarity and pure emotion to ring through her songs.