Wow. That is my only initial reaction of this song upon my first impression. The immaculate vocal, the beautifully composed cinematic string parts and just layers and layers of texture, my mind has been sent to a different universe by the latest track from Agon Branza with their beautiful new piece “Some People“.

The first thing which stuck out to me in this track was certainly the vocals. Not only have they been performed in such a perfect way, displaying what seems to be a voice which has been trained and matured over years of practice. The production of these vocals just adds even further to how amazing they really are. They are brought to the forefront of the track and made a focal point, something which I feel in this sort of track is rather important.

‘Some People’ is a track which doesn’t seem like it has been written like every other piece of music. It has been composed like it was written for some sort of brief, the track feels like it should be in a Disney film! ‘Some People‘ is definitely a piece of music which sticks out to me.

A lot of times I hear quite a lot of rock music and indie music; not often do I hear such a pristine piece of music, so elegant in its performance and delivery. This track builds all the way through and then brings itself back full circle when the dynamic of the track drops right back down again at the end. Gobsmacked, speechless and everything in between. What a piece of music!