We review the new single from Al Stargazer – Ocean Drive

It has been over 2 years since California’s Al Stargazer last released new music, but this week has seen him finally make his return, with the all-round summer banger, ‘Ocean Drive’.

‘Ocean Drive’ holds listeners captive with its summer vibes, sending fans to a peaceful beach far away from home. Close your eyes whilst listening to this one and be transported to the Pacific coast, where the sun is glistening and the sea brushes against sandy shores.

Within this track Al Stargazer takes inspiration from his wife, crediting her as the most influential person whilst making this song. During the pandemic, Al and his wife relocated to California, with the move having power over the direction that his sound has since taken.

Passion oozes from within ‘Ocean Drive’, having strong lyricism and imagery which will resonate within listeners as they reflect on the way the pandemic has also impacted their lives. It is also Al’s belief that with the power of music, you are able to lead multiple lives, creating sculptures of emotions that you can then return to.

‘Ocean Drive’ sees Al Stargazer come back with grace, allowing listeners to reflect on the summer just gone and wishing for them to transport back to that summer feeling once more. ‘Ocean Drive’ allows us to think about how much life has changed in the last year, for all of us, and has us doing so with a stunning backing track.