We review the new single from AL22 – I Don’t Mind

East London based singer-songwriter and producer AL22 keeps the sun rays shining as summer departs in an upbeat new single ‘I Don’t Mind’. Leaving listeners able to let their imagination run wild, the track details being with a significant other with no boundaries and the freedom to do whatever you choose together.

The type of track that would fill a dancefloor if it dropped in a club, the under three minutes long single feels euphoric and the perfect addition to add a bit of sunlight to your day.

To make you even more impressed, this is AL22’s debut. A fierce debut single that indicates what the future may look like for Alex, aka AL22, ‘I Don’t Mind’ is filled with tongue-in-cheek lyricism and a fluorescent production.

The only downfall about this single is the melody becomes a bit repetitive and stale after the first two minutes. Not as adventurous as hoped, Alex redeems himself with an exceptional vocal line.

Overall, ‘I Don’t Mind’ could become an overnight sensation and the next anthem on TikTok. I can picture this becoming the track that puts AL22 firmly on the map.

Seriously, I’m dancing along as I’m writing this!