We review the new single from Albion – Panicking

Being from Manchester, it’s becoming harder and harder to find myself getting excited about the constant litany of guitar bands the city seems to churn out. That’s not to say there isn’t any talent there, or that these bands aren’t worth your time, it’s just that as cliché as it may sound, familiarity does indeed breed contempt, and I’m more than familiar with Manchester’s music scene.

That said, Albion aren’t from Manchester, they’re from Salford. And while many might accuse me of splitting hairs there, I’m sure the band wouldn’t. They also don’t quite fall into the above category, but it is a fine line, at least as far as new single ‘Panicking’ is concerned.

Built around a chunky and steadfast rhythm section and angular spidery lead guitar, it’s familiar territory that does little to excite while still providing glimmers of solid promise. Vocally the track offers much more to get excited about, its singsong delivery offers provides an extra layer of freneticism, which when bolstered by the frantic lead guitar allows the track to stand out from the hordes of carbon copy indie bands across the northwest.

It is worth mentioning that the band feel very much in their infancy, and the promise that glimmers behind Albion’s rough surface is fairly evident. What they need to do however, is avoid the pitfills of indenti-kit indie and really embrace their own aesthetic.