‘Life, music and good vibes’ – the amiable mantra of London’s Alex Kenby. The songwriter/producer owns not only this affable demeanour, but also an impressive CV. An assiduous work ethic has led to some promising signs – 125,000 worldwide streams in his first eighteen months exemplify this.

He’s two Eps deep and the founder of his own label – HYBRD RCRDS. He’s worked with some significant producers too, most notably Nicolas Essig, known best for his work with Avicii. His credentials are not lacking, but Avicii’s anthemic EDM is not emulated with Kenby’s latest release – ‘Through my Veins’.

Lowkey in presentation, Kenby delivers a clean mix and a veneer of professionalism is added to proceedings. While milder than much electronic music, the transitions are smooth, nothing like the irksomely prodigious compression often applied.

However, this digression from EDM maximalism also brings an absence of volatility. Some production choices – the reliance upon the automating of high and low-pass filters, for example – is occasionally predictable, if nonetheless well applied.

Guest vocalist Emma Lachance fits the track well; her vocals balance favourably within the mix. However, any fault again lies in how unsurprising this performance is. Some counter melodies or harmonisation would have been welcome – but only minimal additions take place.

What Kenby has created is understated. That brings both merits and flaws, but there is little on show to suggest Kenby won’t continue to grow creatively as a songwriter, producer, and label owner.