We review the new single from Alfie and the Avalon – ‘Burnout’

Burnout’ is the brand new single from Huddersfield based band Alfie and the Avalon. A sweet and mellow rock/country/pop vibe this song is a really enjoyable listen that you don’t have to work too hard to get into. Lovely harmonies, strong melodies and a creative arrangement are what make this track work.

The vocals are really prominent in this mix, sounding almost separate from the track, but this is appreciated as the vocal performance is really compelling and the lyrics are strong. Addressing that well-known notion of burning out, Alfie and the Avalon muse the action of overthinking, and how that can take the passion out of the things that you love. “I can’t expect myself to give anymore” is a lyric that really stands out as a relatable statement as we all struggle with working from home, and juggling career with personal aspirations.

The banjo and organ sounds on this track give it that pop country sound that rings through with authenticity without bordering on cheesy – a tough thing to pull off! These two instruments sit really nicely in the full band mix and add a really pleasant element to the song.

Burnout‘ has been stuck in my head since the first listen, and I’m not complaining! The message of this song is poignant and important and is conveyed through memorable melodies that capture the tone of the song perfectly. The production deserves a mention for this single, with each element of the track being given the space it deserves and nothing fighting for attention.

The band liken themselves to Billy Bragg and Sam Fender, and that certainly rings true with their catchy melodies and personable lyrics. ‘Burnout’ is a really strong release from the Huddersfield band who are following up their debut single released earlier this year.