We review the new single from Ana Silvera – Halos

Ethereal and tranquil does not do justice when attempting to describe ‘Halos’. 

The opening track of Ana Silvera’s upcoming album ‘The Fabulist’, this song gently weaves its way through with a seamless fashion. 

Ana’s soft vocal lines bring a magical alt-folk sound, almost to the point that you’d believe it if you were told it featured in a Disney film. I don’t mean this to cheapen the song, however, because it becomes clear pretty quickly that ‘Halos’ carries a lot of emotion.

Explaining the track herself, Ana has said that ‘it’s a song addressed to and about my brother, about the altered air left in the wake of loss… about bravery and resolve… how remembering him is not done in broad sweeps but in those tiny, precious details’.

From a listener’s perspective, this is a delicate topic to process and appreciate. It’s intimate, and it’s personal, and it jumps right out at you.

It’s hard to identify a strong and distinct chorus in ‘Halos’. This isn’t necessarily a downfall but makes it an interesting choice for a single release. You can’t help but feel the song is building towards something bigger, which makes sense given it’s an album opener, but without the context of a whole album, it gives it a bigger job of standing up on its own.

Nevertheless, it’s a great insight into what Ana Silvera’s music is about. Her effortlessly graceful tone is infatuating, and creates plenty of excitement for the release of ‘The Fabulist’.

Give Ana a listen down below, and let us know what you think!