Andrew Ash’s latest single, in both the song and its accompanying music video, are unabashedly a retro throwback that’s stylish and cheesy in the best way. 

With 80’s pop inspiration soaking every aspect of Outta My League, it would be enough to make anyone smile or even chuckle a little. It’s cheesy in the best way possible with it’s over the top lyrics, hyped-up musical track, and a music video that contains a love heart playing a guitar solo. 

Everything about it absolutely screams love song, and Andrew Ash has decided to spin it into something that could be ripped straight out of Hairspray or Grease. There’s no denying this was written with just a hint of irony and self-deprecation in mind. Ash even poked fun at himself in the lyrics, calling into account his own imperfections. But they’re all in service to the fun feel of the song as a whole. 

Digging a little deeper, there are moments where he describes his self-assuredness after pulling someone who’s, out of his league. Naturally, this could come off as a bit pompous, but we have to remember that it’s a song that will describe this cocksure attitude and immediately poke fun at it in the same breath. It’s a very clever spin on the usual love song, and the retro-inspired sound and video really sell this. It could quite easily be out the catalogue of any 80’s love song that just seems a little too soppy or cringe, but the self-aware attitude balances it perfectly. 

The song itself is dripping with synth, with these notes chiming out throughout the whole runtime. Along with some guitars strumming in a very gentle pop manner. And drums that are subtle enough to just about be swallowed by the surrounding soundscape to the point where only the deepest beats come through. 

Veering off on a slight tangent we have to talk about the hilarious music video in more detail. With Ash and a sentient love heart, both appear in a grainy VHS-style music video that’s just as self-aware and funny as the song itself. Ash flashing his ginger moustache in all it’s glory, dressed in period appropriate 80’s attire, and green screened onto various sunny locales throughout. It’s an incredible throwback and one that just completes the package. 

As funny as everything within the song and video for Outta My League is, at its core is a very sweet and cleverly written pop song for the ages. It’s a great beat and is just fun to sit and listen to. With the fact that it’s taking all the good and amplifying it with a millennial self awareness, it’s a match made in heaven, making for one of the funniest songs released in a hot minute.