We review the new single from Animals in Denial – Inside Of Me

This in-your-face track rock writer, musician and performer Christian Imes – AKA Animals in Denial – presents itself as a hard hitting, almost violent bundle of noise. However, at its core it is a life affirming culmination of years of hard work against the odds, and should be rejoiced.

A genre blurring, head spinning track packed full of energy, Inside Of Me layers deep synth beats and with frantic drum patterns to create a hectic bed for which the piercing vocals to sit upon. It always seems to keep you questioning whether this is metal, rock, some form of pop-punk you are listening to as it rages on, but in fact it is none. Imes has found his own weird and wonderful niche sitting somewhere between them all, the greatest testament to his unique back story…

Imes lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, but far from holding him back, this seems to have only catapulted his passion for music even further. He taught himself to play guitar ages 14, before going on to do the same with playing bass, drums, and programming synthesisers, all of which he demonstrates with outstanding fortitude on this complex and compelling track. This is a one man show, everything you hear from the studio is created by him, and Inside Of Me is, at its heart, his love letter to music.

Having already released over a dozen tracks over the last half a decade, this does feel like the track that has bought everything to a head. It feels complete, like his ongoing quest for perfection in his sound may be close to reaching its conclusion, and those many, many hours of self teaching and sweating in the studio have paid the most amazing dividends.

His story is beautiful, and his music portrays all of that passion and pride in just two minutes forty-six seconds. And the best part? It feels like he has no intention of slowing up any time soon.