We Review the New Single from Anthony Mascia – Daybreak

Described as being a love letter to himself, ‘Daybreak’, the latest single from New York based solo artist Anthony Mascia mines a deep vein of classic songwriters from across the ages. With echoes of anyone from Billy Joel and Elton John to more contemporary acts like Harry Styles or Olly Murs, there’s a rich pop sensibility that flows throughout the track, providing it with the irresistible catchiness that all good pop songs harbour.

Classical guitar and piano backbone the track throughout its opening verse in a hazy, airy fashion that at times, feels in danger of floating away. It’s here that an understated rhythm section comes in. Barely audible but serving its purpose nonetheless, it tethers the ephemeral melody of the track to the ground, pulling towards a chorus that blossoms out of almost-nowhere, allowing ‘Daybreak’ to really come into its own.

Of course, for anyone that prefers a little grit or a little weight in their music, they’d be better suited looking elsewhere. Indeed, such is the nature of Mascia’s genre, that while ‘Daybreak’ is an excellent example of pop music, it does feel somewhat transient. And though each chorus feels progressively more impactful while one’s listening to the track, you’d be hard pushed to recall any of its nuance or dare I say it, narrative once it’s over.

It’s a shame, as there’s buckets of potential bubbling beneath the surface of ‘Daybreak’, but it struggles to really keep its head above the already-over-saturated waters of pop music. Be that as it may, there’s still a lot to love with ‘Daybreak’, in much the same way there’s a lot to love about toast. It’s never really that memorable, but you enjoy it when you have it.