We review the new single from Arliston, Centre

London based outfit Arliston are certainly cutting through the noise at the moment with their distinctive songwriting. Receiving numerous praise from publications across the web including CLASH, the trio are back with the heartfelt, emotive piece ‘Centre‘. Symbolising that they mean business when it comes to the music industry, this new single feels like a statement that their future is filled with greater things.

Whilst a debut EP is on the close horizon, which features a more refined sound that could easily fill a stadium.

Detailing the story that we’ve all been through where we prioritise things wrong and have to suffer the consequences of that, ‘Centre‘ details the importance of balancing your self-worth alongside workload. Flowing freely between the verse and choruses, the new release comes across as theatrical and like something you’d expect to hear in the climax scene of a movie.

The only thing that feels slightly hesitant about the track is how the vocal melody feels slightly safe in places. Not as imaginative as hoped but still able to pull at your heartstrings, if the vocal melody was a bit more spontaneous in areas, this song could be a household name.

Of course, music is very subjective and we still love what Arliston have brought to the table, just a few pointers to share.