We review the new single from Arthur Nasson – Without A Clue

Delivering a bluesy pop single as smooth as you like, Arthur Nasson brings us his brand new long-awaited single ‘Without A Clue’.

Without a single release since 2020, it’s certainly pleasing to see Arthur coming out with some new music. ‘Without A Clue’ really doesn’t hesitate to shuffle straight in. After some brief piano riffing, Nasson introduces his understated storytelling vocals that go hand-in-hand with the calm tones of the track.

You have to say that the blues perhaps isn’t thrown into the limelight as much as it has been in times gone past. But, you can’t deny the infectious nature it oozes. I’d be surprised if at least some people won’t be walking away from ‘Without A Clue’ without clicking their fingers, whistling a tune, or at least giving their feet a tap.

As the Boston singer-songwriter has explained previously, ‘Without A Clue’ brings commentary to the confusing and somewhat delusional modern American world.

To add fuel to Nasson’s reinvigorated musical fire is a music video to pair with the new single. A video that is quirky to say the least, and even manages to squeeze in a feature from the one and only Godzilla.

Whilst the sound of ‘Without A Clue’ maybe isn’t one you see circling amongst newer music as much these days, maybe that’s the exact reason you should check it out. It might just lead you down a wormhole of music you didn’t expect to find yourself in.