At The Arcade
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With supersonic melodies and catchy hooks, ‘With You’ is the energetic new single from Rotherham rockers At The Arcade. Delivering an undeniable Oasis-inspired sound, At The Arcade also pull influence from Jack Black (listen out at the end of the tune), and 70s rock riffs in this, brilliant new single.

Kicking off with grungy distorted guitars that soon give way to pounding drums and screaming guitar lines, ‘With You’ oozes fun and electric energy. By the bands’ own admission, this song was written to be played loud, and the sound perfectly encapsulates the sound of festival season, reminding us that summer and tinnies in a field time are just around the corner.

The lead vocals are powerfully melodic, insanely catchy, and delivered with energy and charisma. The personality of the band shines through the song, a perfect introduction to the Northern quintet. Starting out in 2017, At The Arcade quickly became a popular party band, with their stage presence and musicality winning them fans across their hometown. Now turning their talents to original music, ‘With You’ is the bands third official release, and is sure to be the start of an exciting chapter for them.

‘With You’ has everything you want from an indie rock track: screaming guitars, a sing-along chorus, a driving rhythm section, and infectious energy. This single will be stuck in your head long after the first listen. The band pulled in their influences strongly, resulting in a sound that is firmly rooted in the British rock sound.

‘With You’ is an indie rock track that is rich with pop culture references, summery vibes, and melodic hooks. It’s a song sure to win them new fans as the infectious good energy is hard to ignore.