We review the new single from Atomic Baby – Strapped For Cash

Experimental, psychedelic, and everything in between, Atomic Baby brings us ‘Strapped For Cash’, the first song off their debut album ‘Manhunt’.

Pacing along the boundaries between organised and chaotic, ‘Strapped For Cash’ is far from the ordinary and expected. It’s a short burst of energy that, whilst lasting just over a minute and a half, tells you everything you need to know about what the album is going to give you.

It’s energetic yet confusing, and makes you feel like your head is spinning. 

Wacky sounds of electro and dance certainly don’t make it a relaxing listen, and you’ve got to admire the bravery for mashing up this many genres.

To really understand what Atomic Baby is trying to create, you need some context behind the music. It starts to make more sense when you learn that ‘Manhunt’ is a concept album based on the 2003 videogame of the same name.

Explaining ‘Strapped For Cash’, they said it’s ‘about losing yourself at the moment even when you’re at your highest and your lowest. Nothing matters when the moment hits when your head is stuck in a nightclub filled with the same mind melting folks around you having their own problems too. Life always comes at you in a blink of an eye.’.

When you start to understand the reasoning behind the song it begins to make a lot more sense. Whilst Atomic Baby isn’t making the conventional, and it may be too disorderly for some, it definitely is an intriguing creative effort.