We review the new single from Atomic – Cry Like A Wolf

Britpop indie rock, but it’s coming from Germany! Atomic bring us their brand new single ‘Cry Like A Wolf’!

If there’s a template or a wikiHow out there for how to write a short but catchy indie rock track then you wouldn’t be surprised if you learnt that Atomic had followed it to the letter. 

A steady 4/4 beat, chorus-infused guitar, and slightly nasal vocal tone all meet the standard as the perfect ingredients for a three-minute indie tune. Atomic take it one step further though, giving us a chorus that can undoubtedly be labelled an earworm without a second thought.

Adding to an already fairly illustrious back catalogue of music, ‘Cry Like A Wolf’ sees the band really stick to their guns. They do not waver from the sound we’ve seen them produce before.

It has to be said that the music they are making isn’t something we haven’t heard before in the last 20 or 30 years. However, you’d like to think they are bringing in a German influence to the classic Britpop sound we all know so well. 

It’s clearly working for them though, with the single even climbing to the number 1 spot of the Austrian indie charts. It’d be nice to see them get some similar support in the UK, so why not give it a listen!