We review the new single from BACKSPACE – Lottery Of Life

Following up their September release, Hold, with its trend-bucking style and dreamlike sound, BACKSPACE return with Lottery Of Life

Immediately there are those same stylings that are part of the bands foundation is based upon. Though a more subdued song, in theory, it doesn’t lack any of the energy the band brings with each and every release. A lot of the dust has really been shaken off from the extended hiatus, and it really feels like BACKSPACE are chugging along at a tremendous pace. 

Starting out, there’s some ambiance and this gentle dream-like feel, accentuated by acoustic guitars mixed with strong twangs from electric guitars. It’s a nice blend that is interesting to see, this coupling of old school and new. The tone and motif of the song is one of this desperate struggle to win, control, and beat every challenge posed in life. But then running away when things go belly up. The whole message is that life is a lottery and you sometimes have to take what you get, an idea that a lot of people can probably sympathise with. 

The guitars are a real standout though, with acoustic, rhythm, bass, and a nice, crunchy lead to top it off. Although there’s this general mixture and back and forth throughout the track of all of them, there’s never this sense of stumbling over one another. The balance and restraint to not just flood the track with everything they’ve got is excellent. It never goes full throttle and wild where others would, nor does it just explode into noise. 

This control is what really gives Lottery Of Life an unconventional feel that’s hard to really nail down. It’s carrying a lot of depth just within how it utilises each and every guitar note, with essences of folk, punk, indie, and more all baked into its soundscape. 

Obviously, there’s not just guitars though, the drums and singing are just as important to the track. They hold the track together and bring the theming all together respectively. 

The drums here are a little less pronounced here than they were on Hold, but they’re still packing a nice punch here. There’s not so much a frantic beating away, but rather a more punchy controlled beat that’s still full of life but not hyperactive. 

As always, the vocals bring this gentle, melodious feel that bring a tenor to the generally more bass feel of the rest of the band. It’s an obvious thematic feel that the band are going for, but one that compliments their sound perfectly. 

The high point of the whole song though once again comes near its closing moments, and where Hold had a guitar solo we described as ‘witchcraft’, Lottery of Life takes that to the next level. With a funky little bridge of bass and guitar giving way to an ensemble effort from all three guitars in an even grander spectacle. If BACKSPACE took their previous release as a warmup, then this is the main event. One where every element comes together in this amazing joint solo. 

Overall, BACKSPACE stepped it up a notch with Lottery Of Life, and continues with a stellar release catalogue. If they step it up even more in the future, then the world is in trouble, purely because of how good the sound will truly be.