Straight to the point and refusing to be put on the back burner, Bad Ass Beauty is making a statement with this song that you need to listen to and not swipe left in musical form. About letting your hair down and relaxing, the track is all about living your life to the full and forgetting about your worries for a moment.

There’s so much going on in this hectic world, and hearing a song that really shines empowerment and positivity in the finest form (music) is breathtaking.

Musically, the track is glam rock with oozes of hard rock and soul throughout. In order to push the genres into the mainstream again, ‘Blast Off’ feels like the perfect title for the single.


Internally energetic and with a fierce, sassy attitude, the track features a good ounce of rhythm and a powerful arrangement.

LaQuinta Prince, the mind behind Bad Ass Beauty, is a force to be reckoned with in this number, and ‘Blast Off’ feels like another branch on the stunning tree of discography.

Overall, I feel that the track is a powerful stand in the right direction for this songwriter. She knows her art and knows that music is her true calling. “Blast Off” cements to me that music can be created in all avenues of life and all genres can be morphed to create a musical cocktail. I love the power yet grace that LaQuinta showcases in this song.