We review the new single from Band Spectra – 1980

Where to start? Band Spectra’s innovative new single is easily one of the most originals track you’ll hear this month. Combining future bass with the 80’s new-wave scene, ‘1980‘ may instantly have a recognisable sound but it somehow still feels completely new. Best described as a visionary, the colourful soundscape is consistent and would leave people with synesthesia senses going mad.

This is the type of project you encounter for the first time and wonder how on earth aren’t they a household name. Giving subtle nudges to Prince and Scissor Sisters, ‘1980’ specialises in making people move but also question what is actually going on. Narrating the joys and tragedies of the one-way direction of time, the track also has fragrances of romance throughout and details a girl born in 1980 that the narrator may just well be head over heels for.

One thing that feels slightly bland about 1980 is the dynamics. The track isn’t as adventurous arrangement-wise as hoped. If there was an added section that could bring the audience further drawn in, I feel it would have benefited the overall execution. Saying that you can’t take away the talent of Band Spectra and Olugbenga Adelekan.