No other city produces gritty post-punk quite like Manchester. However, with so many powerhouse acts dominating the scene, new bands face the challenge of pushing originality while appealing to the masses. One group that seem to be doing that with ease is Barbarism. This shiny four-piece have recently released their debut tune, and it’s brimming with potential.

Lords is its name. It kicks off with a gravelly riff that crunches on those low frequencies while drum fills accent around it. A full-bodied chunk of guitar takes on the hook as the drums make a consistent beat, like an army of men on a lethargic death march.

The weighty instrumentation melodically descends into a verse where the vocals enter. Attitude seeps from the staccato topline as his overdriven voice sits almost as an instrument in the arrangement. That grainy riff from the intro runs beneath the graphic words, supporting the body of the tune. It becomes an incessant earwig.

A repetitive trebly guitar flits between two notes in varying rhythms overtop the duration of song. It’s a simple yet smart layer that constantly sparks your attention as a listener, thus keeping the brain engaged.

Overall, Lords is a very impactful tune. It’s got that post-punk edge with a poppy streak that’s totally on trend at the minute, and catchy hooks to stick with you for days. We look forward to seeing where Barbarism. take themselves.