We review the new single from BAYLEY – DreamEasy featuring Cassie Green

‘DreamEasy’ is the brand new single from London based rapper BAYLEY. Opening up with a hazy lo-fi track, BAYLEY hits us with style and personality straight away. A relentless flow in the verse gives way to a catchy and melodic chorus where we hear guest vocals from singer Cassie Green.

A tried and tested formula, Cassie’s melodic input provides a pleasant counterbalance to BAYLEY’s rapping, and gives us something easy to hold onto within the song. The instrumental has an undeniable groove, with a laid back attitude that makes for really enjoyable listening.

This is a release that has been intensely considered, you can hear the level of thought and perfection in each element of this track, and this includes the artwork which perfectly indicates the vibe of the song.

BAYLEY’s lyrics are articulate and intelligent, and the mix reflects this with each syllable of each word popping. The mellow vibes of ‘DreamEasy’ bring to mind warm summer evenings, bringing a feeling of peace along with it.

‘DreamEasy’ is definitely from the modern school of rap and hip-hop, the sound is fresh and modern and the production style is clean and polished. This mix is lyrics first, allowing the instrumental to sit back and the lyrics to shine brightly.

DreamEasy’ should be an easy addition to your summer playlists, as BAYLEY shows he is an artist to take notice of. Well crafted lyrics rightly take centre stage over an instrumental that supports without overcrowding the mix.