We review the new single from Ben Edgar – We’re Still Young

We’re Still Young’ is the bright and beautiful new single from Sydney based singer songwriter Ben Edgar. Fusing his love of folk together with percussive guitar styles, Edgar crafts a song that is rich in textures and harmonies, telling a story through both the lyrics and the instrumentation.

Preaching a message of never giving up, ‘We’re Still Young’ is full of youthful optimism and hope, a refreshing tonic that can’t fail to lift your spirits. Gentle harmonies float in the mix creating an airy spaciousness to the track which reflects the endless possibilities of youth.

For fans of Ben Howard and even early Ed Sheeran, Edgar delivers fantastic folk-pop, giving us beautiful melodies, sincere lyrics and delicate guitars and harmonies. Opening with a bright sounding acoustic guitar, this sets the tone for the rest of this hopeful ballad. Edgar’s voice quite rightly sits at the front of the mix, highlighting his lyrics and purposeful vocal performance. Edgar expertly builds up and breaks down textures in the song, creating a dynamic song structure that holds your interest listen after listen.

‘We’re Still Young’ is the first single to come from Edgar’s upcoming debut EP, and he already has multiple gigs around the Sydney area promoting this wonderful release.

“Keep your head high above the clouds” sings Ben Edgar, as he reminds us of the importance of dreaming and aiming high. A delicate anthem of motivation, ‘We’re Still Young’ is a light in dark times, uncomplicated lyrics carry this important message of self-belief. ‘We’re Still Young’ sounds like an escape from external pressures that feel like they increase everyday, and this gentle ballad encourages us to step back from that pressure and give ourselves time to flourish, as he himself has done with this track.