London-based singer-songwriter BETHY returns with ‘Healing’, a 90s-inspired dance anthem guaranteed to elevate the mood in a nightclub.

The upbeat record is a slight deviation from previous work. Unlike sensual alt-pop single ‘Just One Touch’ and R&B-infused ‘Like That’, the new track blends fast-paced driving beats with infectious melodies to create a culmination of sounds which is reminiscent of early UK garage.

With such heavy production, it feels as though BETHY’s soulful vocal melodies become backing to heavy basslines and drumbeats at times. Given the diverse vocal tones and textural abilities demonstrated in prior releases, it only feels right that future work should showcase BETHY’s ethereal vocals.

While understated, candid lyricism is an endearing feature of the track. Centring around the experience of healing following heartbreak, the record seems to deepen the pre-established connection between BETHY and her fans.

Through recounting feelings of isolation and insecurity in the aftermath of a breakup, the new single cleverly conveys how the process of overcoming adversity is not linear. However, reassurance is found within the chorus, where the temporary nature of these vulnerable moments is highlighted as focus shifts to celebrating newfound self-development. The repetition of ‘Now I’m healing, love the way I’m feeling / Now I know the meaning, finally believe it’ not only makes for an incredibly catchy hook, but also acts as the perfect reminder of how hardship can foster personal growth.

Overall, ‘Healing’ is an infectious record with a hopeful message and feel-good energy, serving as an impressive exhibition of BETHY’s genre-defying musical talents.