We review the new single from BETHY – ‘Like That’

Ethereal and mesmerising, ‘Like That’ is the brand new single from London based singer songwriter BETHY. This song opens with seductive strings and backing vocals, setting the tone right from the first beat. When BETHY’s lead vocals come in, they bring with them an edginess, with the vocal tones reminiscent of Duffy or Amy Winehouse. Silky smooth vocal melodies jump effortlessly around her range as BETHY croons against an intricate and pristine electric guitar.

Dissonant at times, this song can feel overwhelming in places as the lead vocals compete with the backing vocals and lead guitar. This perhaps a case where less would have been more, but you can hear BETHY’s keenness to fully showcase her vocal abilities, which are certainly impressive. Tackling melisma after melisma, giving us runs that Mariah Carey herself would be envious of. Whilst the guitar is beautiful, it is a distraction in some parts of the song and maybe takes away more than it adds. The power and beauty of the guitar comes to full fruition in the outro, where it is given the space to become the focus.

The textures of this song are rich and layered, BETHY gives us endless harmonies, her voice multiplied to provide a strong foundation for this song. BETHY’s vocal tones are edgy and sultry, a nice counterpoint to the sweet sound of the electric guitar.

The drum beat references a 90s R&B sound, giving this track a retro sheen which works really well. ‘Like That’ delivers sweeping melodies that are cinematic and dramatic, giving BETHY ample opportunity to showcase her beautiful voice with acrobatic melodies and perfect runs.