We review the new single from Biggus Riffus – Huzzah! Huzzah!

Brash and loud, Biggus Riffus launch themselves into their new single with no introduction. Powerful vocals that Dave Grohl would be proud to deliver, ‘Huzzah! Huzzah!’ has a raw and untamable energy.

Warrington rockers Biggus Riffus are aptly named as their new single ‘Huzzah! Huzzah!’ Rightly delivers big riffs, bigger vocals and an even bigger Guitar solo. Ending as abruptly as it started, ‘Huzzah Huzzah!’ is a flurry of volume and energy. This song sounds like a release, letting go of pent up emotion and screaming it out to the world. With a running time of under three minutes this song has a punk attitude; short, simple, and powerful.

Having had a stop start journey so far, ‘Huzzah! Huzzah!’ might just be the start of something new from Biggus Riffus. There is a tangible determination and confidence in this new release. ‘Huzzah! Huzzah!’ rings out as an unapologetic anthem, a strong declaration of intent. ‘Huzzah Huzzah!’ is the first release in four years for this heavy band and hopefully there is more to follow.

Heavy drums pound and propel the song forward as overdriven guitars layer over each other delivering the main riff and a ripping guitar solo. The vocals are the main focus in this song, loud and brash in the mix there is no getting away from the yell of the chorus. Biggus Riffus push it to 11 on this track, holding nothing back from this performance.