We review the new single from Birdeatsbaby – Illuminate

It’s not always frequent that a song brings about a looming sense of danger that sits on your shoulder as you listen, but Birdeatsbaby’s new single ‘Illuminate’ manages to pull it off with ease.

The single comes as the second release from their soon to be released album ‘HEX’. It’s a release that is joining a long and esteemed list of music from the group that spans a period that has lasted over a decade. It has to be said that, for any band, managing to work together for that long should be commended.

Upon listening to ‘Illuminate’, a notable feature is the air of unnerving tension that has been crafted to run carefully right through the core of the song. Through a churning rhythm and ever-gradually growing overall presence, the track builds a level of mystery and anticipation until you can’t take it anymore.

Describing the song themselves, they say ‘Illuminate’ ‘is a construct of ethereal vocals on a bed of cellos, guitars, and complex yet subtle drum patterns. As the song builds, singer Mishkin screams the lyrical mantra as the music explodes into a heavy instrumental before coming in for the final chorus.’.

This final chorus really hammers home the song, cementing it as a listen to remember before you move on. 

The Brighton band is no stranger to a certain level of attention. You may have even heard one of their songs getting a feature in the Channel 4 thriller ‘Close To Me’ recently. I imagine they’ll be hoping that ‘Illuminate’, and also their forthcoming album, gets the attention it deserves as a recognised impressive feat of well-put-together progressive post-metal music.

If that sounds like something for you, then check the band out down below!