We Review The New Single From Bison Hip – This Time

For a band that describes themselves as being “built on true Scottish grit,” there certainly isn’t much grit in Bison Hip’s debut single, This Time.

This Time is a song that took a few listens to really grab my attention. Upon first play, after hearing the easy-listening piano chords and smooth vocals, I got the impression this was going to be a song your mother and grandma might listen to in the car on their way to the shops.

However, the more I listened to the track, the more I got sucked into its laid-back instrumentation and let the harmonisations of the chorus carry me.

Bison Hip’s blues influences come through in the bridge which really pushes the song up to another peak of interest. The roaring and lengthy blues guitar solo cuts like a knife at the piano and rhythmic drumming and lets you know this mature band has bags of talent in their repertoire.

The lyricism shows age and experience and picks itself up after what can be expected as a familiar change of events. What fits the smooth mood of the track nicely is the theme of progression as the rhythm of This Time, and its outro feels like they could keep going.

My only real grudge with this track is the single artwork that looks like someone’s first time using Photoshop.

It’s a laid-back track that surprisingly will be stuck in your head all day after a second listen.