We Review The New Single From BlackSheepLad – Another Love Song

Taking inspiration from classic 60s pop artists, the tongue-in-cheek Another Love Song is a cute and warm number by BlackSheepLad.

The Manchester artist is both reflective and honest in his writing. He looks back on previous songs and still has a desire to write a loving melody for his love that resembles his feelings for them.

The title is what it is and that is another love song, but at the start, the track is observant of that fact but follows the age-old tradition of becoming another love song. I think this is a well-thought-out approach by BlackSheepLad and compliments his lyrical direction.

The music is warm and cosy with instrumentation ranging from a variety of string pieces, mainly focusing on the acoustic guitar. The gentle playing of the guitars resonates well with the theme of the track and is accompanied by a variety of harmonising vocals and filler background vocals.

The vocal work molds beautifully with the instrumentation and lets you relax and be absorbed into BlackSheepLad‘s story. The instrumentation is kept simple which compliments the structure of the song with a slight galloping verse and slight step back to allow the vocals to take hold in the chorus. You’re also treated to a solo in the bridge that feels like the formation of the album’s artwork.

Despite the artwork itself being bland and dark, this track is vibrant and ticks all the boxes for a folk/pop love song. Sure, it’s another love song, but it’s one that gets my full attention.