Bleach Boy Supermarket Sweep


Following the success of their 2022 EP, Manchester punk rockers Bleach Boy return with their new single, Supermarket Sweep.

The band has previously showcased a variety of bass-heavy and tonal-shifting pieces ranging from grunge and punk stylings all with a touch of dreary darkness surrounding the band.

However, on Supermarket Sweep, Bleach Boy has ventured into a more angelic and ethereal direction. Continuously, the band brings forth an uneasy and eerie feeling to the gentle guitar tones and emotional vocal delivery. Once the song drops with the thumping bass and drum combination, vocalist Milo brings forth that familiar Bleach Boy sound. His droning vocals grasp at the heartstrings.

Bleach Boy Supermarket Sweep

The chorus is a more gentle approach and an honest-sounding piece of nostalgia and yearning for the before times. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the sofa with binge-worthy TV like the aforementioned game show popularised in the 90s. The steady build-up with guitars influenced by dream-pop and shoegaze bleed into a wailing mix and with the higher vocals. This presents Bleach Boy at its most vulnerable.

Supermarket Sweep couldn’t have been released at a more beautiful time for the band. It’s the perfect song for hazy summer evenings and really provides a whole new light on the group. Whilst the easy-going progression and slow-burner vocals have the cemented flare of Bleach Boy, the overall song is a juxtaposition to their previous singles and EP.

It shows a band evolving, maturing, and growing both musically and emotionally. It could be easy to dismiss the song Supermarket Sweep due to its title. However, the overall context and engrossing aura of the track make for one of 2023’s most enchanting tracks.