We review the new single from Blindness and Light – The Tannhäuser Gate

Blindness and Light have released three tracks in three months. Approach carefully as The  Tannhäuser Gate is inconspicuous and luring with no narrative for 2 full minutes. The dystopian sound comes from the deprivation of life on the welsh sea. Blindness and Light creep into the world of Dreampop with atmospheric low-fi guitar sounds and a lack of lyrical input.

Created by DAW and released on Winter Solstice shifts the mood into something more meditative. The knowledge that this single was released on the day with the least sunlight and longest night gives a deeper perspective. It reflects the celebration of life, death, and nature, making The Tannhäuser Gate immersive. 

The Tannhäuser Gate itself is the location of a space combat within the film The Blade Runner. Blindness and Light has created a track mirroring the final moments, offering itself as a sync track. It lends itself as an expression rather than another following of the rule book to music. It is honest experimental and holds creative authenticity. A track that could be interpreted a thousand new ways.