We review the new single from Bloom – Step In

Something tells me that if you had a scroll through what Bloom. likes to listen to you’d see a whole lot of Madchester indie-rock in there. This may seem presumptuous, but I encourage you to give their new track ‘Step In’ a listen to understand what I mean.

A churning riff with a whole load of chorus brings us into the Sheffield band’s debut single, before a scratching guitar cues in everything else to create the Bloom. sound.

This sound is one made up of a consistent and simple rhythm, with all the rocked up sprinkles and droning vocals on top. It’s definitely a sound we’ve heard before, and you wouldn’t be surprised if someone told you this was written in the 1990s. A prominent element is the endless guitar melodies that work its way through the song. It’s cool to listen to, but you might think breaking it up would make the dynamics of the track slightly more interesting.

Everything about ‘Step In’ comes at you thick and fast. Over in just under two and a half minutes, you don’t get much chance to catch your breath. This jam-packed approach seems like the perfect way for Bloom. to provide a snippet of what else is to come from them.

It’d be nice to see the band explore what other noise they can make, and maybe give themselves a few more minutes to do it in.

With this being their first release, they’ve now set their own direction. ‘Step In’ is only the first step. I’m sure we’ll see more from them in no time at all, and hopefully they’ll elevate themselves to the next level.

For now, give Step In’ a listen and show Bloom. some support!