The dreamy rhythms of Dublin outfit Blue Fish Diamond are back. Servants To The Hand see’s a continuance of what we saw on their album back in 2021, but pushes their sound to a new level.

Lyrically as strong as ever, this new track is again a very cleverly written piece. However, with six members in the band, where they really excel from the rest is their ability to produce such a full and engulfing sound. Every small element within their music seemingly adds something important. When everything comes in together the results are instrumentals which really shimmer, and give this track a real summery feel through the chorus.

The vocal once again carry really gavelliness. When combined with the much floatier instrumentals, including truly heavenly flashes of guitar, it creates such a wonderful mix that you struggle to stop listening. It definitely feels a more complete track than their previous releases, and justifies the wait we have had to endure since that aforementioned album.

Servants To The Hand, like all of their material to date, seems to swim against the tide. When we are seeing such a rise of post-punk, riff driven music especially in Ireland, they have gone the other way. Their sound is comforting, and it is brave the way they have broken from the crowd in this aspect. What has to be said though, is that it is paying off. This really is different from everything else we are hearing currently, and for that, that should be applauded.

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