We review the new single from Bluebyrd – Too much noise

In the increasingly online world, many of us can begin to feel overwhelmed, and I’m sure plenty of people out there wish they could just get a bit of peace of mind amongst all the chaos.

Well alt-folk duo Bluebyrd have taken the matter into their own hands. Their brand new single ‘Too much noise’ attempts to tackle the trials we face in what they view as an overly computerised world.

The track is certainly not one filled with complexity. Gentle acoustic guitar, some light keyboard accompaniment and a simplistic drumbeat make for a tranquil musical backing that provides the perfect platform for the vocals to have the freedom to tell a story.

Whilst this platform is present, I can’t help but feel that the most hasn’t been made of it. Lyrics addressing all the different voices you find in the online world, like how ‘the models strut’ and ‘the bloggers blog’, all feel a bit too on the nose. There’s a space of opportunity there to be really creative, but this opportunity is missed.

Nevertheless, the song is still an earworm and I’m sure it will add to the duo’s success. With plans in place for them to support Grammy-nominated Alvin Youngblood Hart and chart-topping band The Christians at The Robin 2 in Wolverhampton, things seem to be going pretty well for them.

If you’re intrigued then give ‘Too much noise’ a listen down below! You may just find your next favourite musical pair.