Latest track from seasoned musician Bonze sees him combining dance music and alternative pop together to create a contemporary sounding, multi-genre track that portrays a dark yet fun image of somebody losing their grip on life and reality.  

With influences from alternative pop artists such as Two Feet and The 1975 with an almost synthetic sound and robotic vocals “Give In” is a track that feels in many ways very detached from reality. This blends very smoothly with a clear lyrical focus on a character choosing to let themselves spiral to their doom.

Creating some level of tension and suspense with its broken-up and unpredictable song structure there’s a suspenseful and anxious nature to this track, however its one that is balanced out by its lively electronic/dance instrumentals. With some groovy electric guitar passages although it has a sombre theme “Give In” is a track that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  

However, although I see how the jumbled and jumpy nature of “Give In” is reflective of its lyrical content this is also a point where the track really falls down for me. The song structure and mixing of different genres could have been done in a much more accessible and pleasant manner as to me at times this song sounds incoherent and messy.

Whilst messy and chaotic can definitely be done in a musically charming way and add to the track positively, on “Give In” this aspect of it seems to distract from its positive features rather than add to its character. Overall, “Give In” is a track with a lot of potential and bags of personality but to improve its playability and charisma I believe it would have benefitted from more of a smooth flowing and less cluttered approach.