We review the new single from Bouquet – Dressed Up Animal

Last month saw Cuban rockers Bouquet share their debut album, ‘Dressed Up Animal’, with the world. Written about their struggles in boosting themselves into the limelight in the Cuban music industry, Dressed Up Animal is a nod to Bouquet’s musical influences.

The album opens with ‘Mind Blower’, which introduces itself with a soft, cinematic piano intro with rising drums before the captivating guitar riff takes hold, this transition in itself sees the track live up to its name, it certainly is a ‘Mind Blower’. The vocals here bode flawlessly with the chaotic instrumentation to create a high energy number destined to have you tapping your foot.

‘Dressed Up Animal’ follows quickly after, another track carried by the guitar and drum beat. Within this title track, you are made increasingly aware of how much Bouquet want to make themselves known. Once again, this track holds strong vocals – however, the backing vocals, provided by bassist Yunior Moiña García set this track in particularly apart from the rest.

‘Canción Infantil Para Cantar En La Boca De Un Pozo’ is next, the name is Spanish, translating to ‘nursery rhyme to sing at the mouth of a well’ – however, by now, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that this track isn’t actually a nursery rhyme. Made for throwing yourself into a mosh pit, this track holds potentially the album’s strongest instrumentation so far, it’s fast, fierce, and heavier than those before it, it’s clear that Bouquet really mean business.

Tying as joint longest tracks, ‘Overdose of Light’ and ‘Good Thief’ both sit at 7 minutes and 9 seconds long. Both tracks introduce you to different sides of Bouquet, ‘Overdose of Light’ sees listeners introduced to a softer side of the band, allowing the vocals of Aivis Prieto and Pavel Cama to come to the forefront before they join forces with intense instrumentation for an unreal climax. ‘Good Thief’ is a haunting number, featuring a strong piano intro that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the instrumentation displayed to create a charming, dark track that is completely unique to anything else on the album.

‘Leader’ holds a brooding bassline with anthemic lyrics which will really make you wonder why Bouquet have struggled to reach success in Cuba. Each track on Dressed Up Animal feels completely different to the last, yet they all flow together seamlessly, it is an art that some fail to master, however, Bouquet have done it all within their debut.

‘Samadhi’ then feels reminiscent of a 90’s rock band in their prime, the instrumentation displayed on this track drives it a long–gaining pace before mellowing and allowing the vocals to come to the center stage. ‘Samadhi’ feels like it is made for a movie soundtrack and the main character of a film’s getaway.

If you’re going to learn anything about Bouquet through Dressed Up Animal, it is that they’re all talented musicians. The album is a complete delight to listen to, each track differing from the last whilst affirming that Bouquet should have the world at their fingertips.