We review the new single from Boxes – Devil In The Distance

Having had success with their lockdown live sessions and the follow up EP, Manchester band Boxes are back again with this new single which tows the line between country and rock so wonderfully.

They have previously been joking described as ‘Nashville -Upon-Irwell’ in reference to their mixing of a northern English and Southern American sound, and this is perhaps even more apparent than before in this tune. The ripples of guitar and drums which run through it are undeniably English, but the melody and the flashes of pedal-steel guitar which carry it along are distinctly state-side inspired.

There’s clearly a bag full of influences which has been packed into this four minutes of rhythm, much more than labelling them as a country-rock band would suggest. As previously mentioned there is the North-West riffs, the Nashville melodies, but there is so much more going on too. The lyrics have hints of California pop-rock, especially Red Hot Chilli Peppers running through them in the way they stutter along and draw you in so easily, but the lyrics themselves once again seem to be routed much closer home for them.

Devil In The Distance has much more substance, though than relying on the well-trodden path of being an Americana infused indie track. What distinguishes it, and Boxes in general from the crowd, is how natural it feels. The worry with the genre is that it always feels like you’re trying to replicate something that’s been done for decades upon decades before, but this doesn’t. It feels fresh, unforced, and as if they are simply taking their favourite sounds and creating something new with them, not trying to copy them.

This track is, for me, their best up to this point, and they seemingly continue to grow and flourish as a band. You can hear the new track below.