We review the new single from BREEZE – Eyes Wide Open

The plight of northern indie-rock continues to glance back at the good old days of Oasis and Britpop in the second release from teen-lads BREEZE.

As we know all too well, the echoes of Manchunian indie-rock will always be the desired go-to for up-and-coming bands to delve into in order to eventually discover their own individual sound. The case is apparently no different for Hull-based band BREEZE.

Written back in 2020, the band explain “(Eyes Wide Open) is about a heartbreak but produces this uplifting, feel-good vibe”, and after a night in an open bar in the garden of a relative, the band, “recorded guitars and vocals for ‘Eyes Wide Open’ hungover, dehydrated and looking like absolute shit to be fair though probably helped give the track that moody lazy vibe!”.

The verses are backed by a jangly acoustic guitar following a four-chord structure alongside a vocal melody loosely mirroring the direction of the guitar. The chorus doesn’t particularly stray from the arrangement of the verse aside from the addition of an electric guitar, fuller drum beats and backing vocals. Though the track is perfectly fine, you get the gist of the whole arrangement very early on, revelling in the safety of its elementary structures and ‘indie-rock’ label.

Despite the days of Britpop being long gone, its hold within the laddish youth still surprises me. However, it almost feels like it’s become a rite of passage for teens to explore before they discover the world of music expands beyond the Manchester sound. ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is your textbook example of this; sure, you can tap your foot along to it and of course the band can perform their instruments well enough, but have I heard this jangly, laddish song hundreds of times before? I’m afraid so.