We review the new single from BREEZE – Touch The Sky

Brand new Hull four-piece BREEZE serve up a heady mix of Britpop and indie rock with their debut release ‘Touch The Sky’.

With an opening crackle of feedback, the track launches into a moody building bassline backed with a thumping drumbeat. Layered strumming electric guitars quicken the pace before the entrance of a melancholic solo riff that would sound at home in much of Oasis’ back catalogue.  

Showcasing classic reverbed indie rock vocals (much like the Liam Gallaghers and Van McCanns of this world) that demand attention. It’s a tried and tested formula. Nothing necessarily new, but it does work well here. The added vocal harmonies in the chorus also provide the perfect build before the guitar solo is unleashed.

Lyrically, it’s “..about living your life as if you are the best, no matter what anyone says.” This ‘cocky’ attitude lends itself very well to that Oasis-type swagger we’re all so familiar with. But more than that, there’s a certain feel-good vibe to this tune. Uplifting and encouraging the listener in all their endeavours.

“Fly high / We could touch the sky”

Described as ‘bold, brash and ballsy’, it’s bound to be one popular with a live crowd.

With an average age of just 17 years old, the young band may have missed out on the heydays of Oasis, Blur and the like – but their inspiration undoubtably shines through in this single. Together with elements of more contemporary indie acts like Kasabian and Catfish and the Bottlemen – it’ll be interesting to see where BREEZE is blown to next.

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