We Review The New Single From Brian Cattigan – Hogmanay Poster

Gentle and resonating acoustic guitars demonstrate a moving and engaging songwriting talent from Brian Cattigan in his latest single, Hogmanay Poster.

Like celebrating the new and remembering the old, Hogmanay Poster feels like a wise and experienced story about the things that matter in life. The song was originally written in a competition for a LoganAir TV advert and to say this track came second leaves me with no doubt saying Cattigan was robbed of first place.

The Stirling-based musician captures magic and friendship in warm and folky vocals that have a flare of Dylan if he had first arrived in the 90s. The guitar chords and gentle playing structure fill out the track with no need for much other instrumentation to be added besides a slight background filler.

This is one of those folk/indie songs that only need a man and his guitar where the two feel interlocked in the journey and experiences that have come before them. From the first few chords, you can easily take in the overall sound and approach to the track with the guitar resonating like a gentle Radiohead song from The Bends.

The emotions around the song really capture the magic and goodness that could happen on New Year’s Eve and in Scotland as well nonetheless. It’s a track to enjoy with others around you and one to sing loudly and proudly. This may be the closest to a truly patriotic song I’ve heard in years.