We review the new single from Brian Cattigan – I Can’t Be That One You Want

Out with his second single of the year, Brian Cattigan brings us his song ‘I Can’t Be That One You Want’. Taking a more band-driven approach, as opposed to the acoustic track ‘Tell Me Something’ that came earlier this year, Brian has bolstered up his sound for this release.

Opening with a foot-tapping bassline that pops up every so often throughout, I imagine Brian hopes this track will get people dancing. To cement this hope, he crafts the rest of the sound with the tools you’d expect to be used for a pop-rock song like this. Some strumming acoustic guitar, a support of jangly electric chords, and a simple drum pattern.

In terms of vocals, the line ‘I can’t be that one you want, I’ll never be your Wonderwall make Brian’s influences pretty obvious.

Although such influences (which include Oasis as well as The Beatles and Style Council) are fairly common in this genre, it is refreshing to hear a pop-rock song like this that isn’t sung with the distinct Mancunian intonation. Perhaps it might help Brian stand out from the crowd.

After listening to the track, the one thing I felt it needed was a bigger boost transitioning into the chorus. It felt as if a big build-up was coming, and then it just stayed at the same level of intensity. A tiny escalation could have gone a long way.

Nevertheless, ‘I Can’t Be That One You Want’ is still a catchy little sing-a-long that might just brighten up your day. Show some support and give it a listen down below!