We review the new single from Brother Vice – Damage

‘Damage’ is the rocking new single from Indie Rock four piece, Brother Vice. Complete with roaring guitars, a sizzling solo, and raspy vocals, this single catapults Brother Vice further into their dream. ‘Damage’ is vocally and instrumentally strong, promising earworms that ring in your head hours after the first listen.

This is the sixth single from the Belfast boys, who liken themselves to The Killers and The Academic. With ‘Damage’, they achieve a heavier sound than that of their influences with heavily distorted guitars and pounding drums soon taking over the main soundscape of the song.
Lyrically, ‘Damage’ deals in cliches, delivered in a strange americanised accent. Very wordy lines are crammed into snappy rhythmic structures which jar in places. In the chorus, however, the vocals soar, powerful, and confident the melodic structure is perfectly complimented by guitar stabs, and give way to a huge rock and roll guitar solo.

Brother Vice structures ‘Damage’ well, with dynamic contrasts differentiating between verse, chorus, and breakdown, and creating a sonic journey for the listener that is both exciting and comfortingly familiar. Following the reliable verse/chorus structure, Brother Vice secures itself with a radio-worthy sound. The well-produced single allows each element of the recording to have its moment in the spotlight, working brilliantly together, instead of fighting for space in the mix. The guitars buzz with the promise of energetic live shows, and the vocals stand out prominently to guide us through the song. The stand-out moment is the chorus – perfectly catchy with powerful vocals and sing-a-long worthy lyrics.

This song flows beautifully and is over before you know it, and like all good singles, it leaves you wanting more.