Returning with their infectious indie rhythms are Stoke four-piece Camens.

Built on endless riffs and unwavering adrenaline, Cynical brings back everything we’ve come to expect from the lads. It walks the line brilliantly between being a nostalgic throwback to the indie heyday whilst also being undeniably contemporary. It has a real infusion of the ‘00s running through it, but you also sense a real sense of honesty over image, giving it a feeling of greater importance.

The raucous energy which is quickly becoming their trademark is present throughout the chorus as usual, but on this occasion they do step back a little through the verses and allow the lyrics to carry it along. It feels like their most mature release to date, but they have managed to achieve this without losing any of its splendour. The real magic in their sound, that spirit lifting, dance inducing passion which lies deep within it, is still just as strong as ever.

Lyrically, it paints a picture of an argument between a couple, but leaves it ambiguous whether anything has actually gone wrong or if as the title suggests, he’s just being cynical. Its quite wonderfully put together. The melodies and instrumentals peak-and-trough to compliment the lyrics perfectly, which is why for me this is the best track they have released so far.

Cynical is the perfect release to get us excited for their album which is coming up in March of this year. Judging from this track, and what they have released previously, that debut LP could be a huge moment for them. If you weren’t already tracking the days ‘til we get to hear it, you surely will be now.

Take a listen below.

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