We review the new single from Camens – I Concede To Worrying

They’ve done it again. Stoke-On-Trent indie veterans have brought us yet another indie rock bop with their brand new single ‘I Concede To Worrying’.

With the typical catchy high-end melodies, charging backbeat rhythms, and the ever-soaring choruses, it has all the same ingredients we’ve heard coming out of a Camens’ song before.

I think that’s exactly what this song is. Another one to add to the growing tally of earworms. It doesn’t jump out as steps above previous releases, but it definitely sits level with them. 

The single is the band’s third this year. They have certainly been on a roll in 2022, and that’s not just in terms of releases. Things seem to be going pretty well for them gig-wise as well, going on tour and having just come off two support dates with the famed ‘She’s So Lovely’ band Scouting For Girls.

Whilst the group has been fairly open about having gone through ups and downs, saying themselves ‘We’ve had great gigs and not so great. We’ve also had our fair share of false dawns. But, here we are. It’s not engineered or Insta-filtered. It’s real, it counts, and people are beginning to catch on’.

I think they might be right because things certainly seem to be on the up for Camens.

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