We Review The New Single From Camens – Poltergeist

The caravan-trawling, festival-sneaking Camens return with their ghostly new track Poltergeist and sees the band grasping their sound with raucous energy.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Camens deliver a sonic shifting indie rock piece that finds itself on a spectrum between Arctic Monkey’s ferocity and The Wombats’ well-polished rhythms.

Poltergeist aims to make an impact with its chorus of blaring guitars and rolling drums carrying the overall force that the song presents. With classy group vocal harmonies and a lead guitar that adds an overall ethereal but punchy sound, Camens have written themselves a fine-tuned indie rock piece.

The opening lyrics are filled with misery and discussions of impending doom and the overall impression the lyrics give us is we’re here to haunt a certain individual. Either that or we’re here to watch over someone like that of a poltergeist never leaving their side.

The dramatic crashing of music and emotion provided in the vocals guarantees the emotion-driven through the lyrical themes of how the protagonist would do what they can to watch over the individual.

The rough rhythm tones that create a thick wall of sound are a delightful difference in this genre and demonstrate Camens as a band that will provide melodies and experiments with how their sound best fits the theme of the track.

It’s a chorus you want to hear over and over with big drums, chunky guitars, and a dancing lead guitar. Wrap all that up with entrancing lyrical themes and soothing vocal harmonies and you’ve got a song that can blow up any radio station.