We review the new single from Carl De Villa – Love of My Life

When it comes to writing reviews, I always try to avoid making it personal, but when I get sent a cover of one of my favourite songs, it’s hard not to be. Australian singer Carl De Villa has released his own rendition of Queens irreplaceable ‘Love of My Life’ and I was pleasantly surprised.

There have been millions of covers of this incredible song, so it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. And I believe Carl De Villa has done this with ease. To begin with, the opening piano chords differ from the original. Upon first listen you would not anticipate the song that was to come, however, once the vocals kick in, that’s when reality hits. The pain that oozes through his vocals is soul-shattering.

It’s as with every breath he takes, a tear is being held back. Likewise, you can feel the emotion the lyrics carry, and for that reason, I must applaud Carl De Villa, because even my eyes may have been watering slightly through this piece.

As the song progresses, an almost ghostly atmosphere becomes apparent. It’s menacing in a sense. You are left with the hairs on your arms raised as the triumphant chorus of voices shadow Carl De Villa’s guttural blares. Moreover, it’s hard not to mention the orchestral instrumentation that carries the song. And so, it should.

Only the most strong and prominent tracks deserve the most strong and prominent melodies.

Although no one can replace Freddy Mercury and his endless talents, Carl De Villa has done one hell of a good job, to say the least. So, if you’re ever in the mood for Queen with a twist, Carl De Villa is the way to go.

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