We review the new single from Casey Moon – Home

Announcing himself as a new ‘genre-defying songwriter and producer’ that is ‘one to watch out for’, Casey Moon brings us his brand new single ‘Home’.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Casey has been in various bands over the years, but now he’s planning to take his musical career into his own hands. This single is just the start of it. Casey is bringing us a trilogy of EPs, ‘Fountains’, ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Ashes’, over the next year, with each being inspired by a different film or TV series.

The first minute of the track is centred on lo-fi piano and calming vocals. This is perfectly fine until you realise the song is only 2 minutes long and by the time it gets going the song is nearly over. The downfall of ‘home’ is definitely that it just seems to fall short. It doesn’t give itself long enough to ever really get into it.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop Casey from showing off his talent.

Tones of melancholy are matched with catchy, winding melodies. There are certain ingredients in there for the making of an intriguing pop song.

Explaining the song, Casey says ‘home’ is ‘about the common feeling of being stuck. Being unable to express yourself. The stale melancholy that comes when you have nothing left to talk about with someone you love and the loneliness that it brings.’.

If there’s one thing you take away from the track it’s that, whilst it has its faults, Moon manages to show his potential. It may be early days, but I’d still keep an eye on him if I were you.