Latest single from female alternative R&B artist Cassie Green is a sassy, say-it-how-it-is pop track fuelled by sensual melodies and a badass attitude.  

With an immediately vibrant and energetic atmosphere created by a driving beat combined with sultry electric guitar melodies “Left You Behind” has an infectious self-confidence to it that matches its empowering lyrical message.

With brutal yet wise lyricism about not letting negative people drain your energy and moving on from anyone who seems to suck the life out of you and distract you from your goals Cassie Green wittily describes a character who most people will have encountered at some stage in their lives. The driving and fun pace of this single meshes perfectly with its message of not letting someone bring you down and prioritising ascending upwards towards better things.  

As well as its relatable and brassy content, “Left You Behind” has a slightly psychedelic and hallucinogenic effect to it created by its swimming guitar sounds and glitchy synth sounds. This combined with Cassie Green’s echoing, floating vocals creates an immersive and dreamy experience.

This track is one that feels like one that’s supposed to be played late at night driving in an open top car. The production is clean and professional sounding, adding to the contemporary feel of the song and its radio playability.  As a single, “Left You Behind” proves that Cassie Green is an artist with bags of confidence and the skill it takes to build a fanbase of her own.