We review the new single from Castaway Radio – Good Stuff 🇺🇸

Hailing all the way from Houston, Texas and releasing their first new material since 2016, Castaway Radio’s ‘Good Stuff’ lives up to the name.

Starting out the five track EP with the title track, Good Stuff is a rock’n’roll party anthem that’s bound to get people singing along to its infectious anthem of a chorus. Filled with energetic guitars that set the tone from the opening moments of the track. Backed up with a prominent and groovy bass, a solid drum beat and even a cow bell. Some of the background sampling of a small crowd does seep in and add to the feeling of being present in a small venue. Whilst being very safe in its execution, Good Stuff still manages to be a great song due to its polished feel and catchy nature. 

Natural Disaster follows up Good Stuff, and clocking in at five-minutes, it’s the longest song on the EP. Straight away there’s a much more laid back feel, with the slower tempo and more moody atmosphere. Rather than being a party anthem, it’s a slightly country inspired track that explores the idea of someone pushing people away, and using the titular Natural Disaster as a metaphor. As it is for the rest of the EP, the production is top notch, with clear vocal mixing, the utilisation of various percussion to accentuate the mix of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. 

The third track is a very high impact style of song, opening with a deep and strong guitar hook that adds a much harder edge. Script keeps this harder feel throughout, with the bass guitar taking front running for pretty much the entire runtime. It’s this differential that whilst seldom seen amongst rock tracks, is always great to hear purely because of the moody, gritty and strong feel that you can get from it. The standout moment is the dulling guitar solo towards the end to round out the track, with fantastic work from both members on their respective instruments.

Sweet Panic is quite possibly the weakest track on display, but that’s a compliment to the quality of Castaway Radio. Sweet Panic is still full of fantastic instrumental moments, with flourishes on both guitars and the drums throughout. It just goes to show how much energy Castaway Radio really puts into each and every track they produce, and with Sweet Panic still being top quality, it’s still a catchy and fun listen. 

Rounding out the EP, is the slightly heavier, Electric. Taking a hard rock edge with the down strung guitars, and an all around heavier feel. Whilst it does take a more heavy feel, it’s still filled with the trademark groovy feel that is familiar by this point in the EP, along with the playfulness of each and every song. Along with a catchy yet simple chorus, Electric proves that just stripping back the lyrics in favour of more instrumental moments can prove to make a much better song. 

Good Stuff overall lives up to the name without a doubt, and it ends up feeling like enjoying some time with friends. The whole EP carries with it, the feeling that it’s just some friends jamming out and making music, with the moments of responding to one another with instrumental flourishes really selling the point that these guys are enjoying themselves when making music.